Come join us at Bombay Clay Oven, our sit down Cherry Creek Location for Dinner Open Everyday from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. Till 10pm on Friday and Saturday.


Review from Dan C.CO 6/9/2013 on Yelp 
"In my opinion, Saucy Bombay is the Chipotle of Indian cuisine." Read More


Review from Lee M.Denver, CO 12/5/2013 on Yelp "Great place: Excellent quality food, very fast, and inexpensive." Read More

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Saucy Bombay spices up Denver's Indian
By Douglas BrownThe Denver Post
POSTED:   09/29/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT
"An Indian place just moved into one of the 16th Street Mall's major food courts. Downtown vegetarians and lovers of Indian food, rejoice.Saucy Bombay isn't just another little sit-down place with a lunch buffet and candied fennel in a shallow copper dish by the cash register. It's Indian fast food — cafeteria-style — and a great idea.Here's how it works. Pick a protein — steak, lamb, chicken, mixed vegetables, spiced garbanzo beans (the mixed vegetables and garbanzo beans are splendid, hence my shout-out to vegetarians, who so often are stuck with bland, cheese-heavy options). Then choose a sauce for the protein. The place offers spicy tikka masala, creamy spinach, a mild and rich korma, and a sauce made from yellow lentils. All of them are powerfully flavored and unique; I was partial to the tikka masala and the korma.All of this is ladled over lightly spiced basmati rice.Another option: Instead of having it served in a plate over rice, order it tucked into a wrap.Another way to go? A grilled Indian wrap.They have excellent samosas and a tasty fried-potato appetizer, too.Get a mango lassi — a sweet drink made from mango juice, yogurt and more — or some chai, and be on your way for less than $10. Most of the entrees are $5.99.Saucy Bombay is simple, and so smart. I hope more of them pop up around the city."

2616 East Colfax Ave.,  

 Denver, CO 80206 

Hours:  SUN Thru SAT

11:00 AM  to  9:30 PM   

Phone: (303) 320 3020.