choose your Sauces

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  • Wrap  Whole wheat Indian flat bread, hand rolled to order with your choice of entree, sauces & toppings!​
  • Bowl ​Your choice of entree, draped with your choice of sauces served over Fragrant Basmati rice,  Topped with your choice of toppings!
  • Plate  Your choice of two entrees, each draped with  your choice of sauces, served alongside our Fragrant Basmati rice, with raita and/or katchumber salad.
  • Chicken(Chicken Breast, seasoned then grilled on skewers in our Clay Oven) 
  • Steak(Braised Boneless Cubes)
  • Lamb (Braised Boneless Leg of Lamb)
  • Vegetable Medley(Sauteed Mixed Veg, lightly seasoned with cumin seeds & turmeric)
  • Garbanzo beans(Mildly seasoned & slow cooked)
  • Cauliflower Paneer Rounds(Grated cauliflower & our grated house made paneer)

drinks (choose)

  • Chai(Hot or Iced)
  • Mango Lassi(Chilled Mango & Yogurt Smoothie)
  • Mango Juice 
  • Litchi Juice
  • Guava Juice
  • Stubborn Soda(fountain assorted flavors)

p l a t e

choose your tooppings

(​Choose One or more)

sides (choose)

  • Samosa Veg(Cumin Potatoes & Peas Turnover) 
  • Samosa Chicken
  • Potato Vada(Potato Dumplings seasoned with mustard seeds.)
  • Naan flatbread(Indian Flat Bread, hand rolled & baked in our clay oven.)
  • Samosa Chocolate
  • ​Gulab Jamun(Sweet Milk & Flour Dumplings) in a rose flavored syrup.

B o w l

  • Tikka Masala  All time favorite !!                                                
  •  A divine creamy tomato based sauce with a hint of hand crushed dried fenugreek leaves.
  • Korma  Bombaylicious !!                                                              
  • An exotic rich, mildly spiced & extremely flavorful creamy sauce with hints of Cardamon & Cinnamon.
  • Spinach  Get your greens!!   
  • A beauty of a sauce. A well balanced puree of earthy spinach, fenugreek leaves, fresh cloves of garlic & cream.
  • Yellow Lentils  Mellow..yellow !!
  • Yellow lentils tempered with cumin seeds, fresh onion & tomato.
  • Kadai 
  • A medium spicy sauce with ginger, garlic, tomato and serrano peppers
  • Vindaloo  Not for the faint hearted !!
  • A Portuguese influenced fiery spicy & tangy Goan sauce.  It is the hottest & spiciest sauce we got!

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  • Basmati Rice(Fragrant long grain Basmati rice seasoned with cinnamon, cardamon & bay leaves) 
  • Turmeric Quinoa(Quinoa seasoned with turmeric and cinnamon)
  • Yogi Mix (A seasoned medley of Garbanzo beans, Black eyed peas, kidney beans and corn))
  • Mixed Greens(A mix of lettuce and spinach leaves)

  • Katchumber(Medley of finely Diced Cucumber, Tomato & Onion, seasoned with fresh lemon)
  • Raita(Refreshing, made from scratch Yogurt with finely grated fresh Cucumber, Onions & Carrots)
  • Purple Cabbage
  • Lentil Crunch       .

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